InPost ECO-Mission

InPost, as the first independent postal operator in Poland, has become a pioneer and role model for other industries with a similar profile of activity in the area of ecology and environment, and more!

As the originators, we would like to support social campaigns at both local and national level. We are involved in the sphere of environmental protection, and seek out new solutions in order to further strengthen environmental activities.

We feel responsible for the environment and the nature, and the conditions under which we will live in the future. We also conduct extensive activities that help decreasing pollution of our environment. We're always looking for ways to care of Our Planet.

Cycling InPost

Following the example of countries with countries with high environmental awareness, InPost introduces bicycles for deliverers to go about their daily duties, as a non-polluting mode of transport.

Modern bicycles adapted to transport shipments are supposed to be used in those areas where they can replace conventional transport.

That solution allows us to reduce emissions of gases produced by motor vehicles into the earth’s atmosphere.

If you are one of the people travelling by car, make the ride easier to deliverers on yellow bikes. They care about the air you are breathing!

The warm InPost

Using grant EU grant, InPost initiated the thermal modernization projects of its buildings. The main idea behind the program is to provide a significant reduction of the energy need for heating in buildings. Thermal modernization is viewed mainly in terms of environmental benefits:

  1. more economic and more efficient energy consuming of our Planet natural resources,
  2. a significant reduction in emission of pollutants into the atmosphere, connected with generation of heat in combustion of natural fuel.

Thermal modernization program also provides for an increase in use of natural renewable energy sources. Some of the heat in the InPost building generated from solar modules. Solar energy is free and produces no waste or pollution.

This system will soon be implemented in Kraków, and successively in other InPost locations. If you still hesitate whether to invest in welfare of mother earth – choose well. It is our common future.

Caring InPost

In the spirit of natural resources and environment protection concept, InPost uses envelopes produced from recycled paper. It enables to save an enormous amount of trees each year constituting the basic raw material for paper production.

Saving trees, InPost contributes to the reduction of “greenhouse effect”, which is the consequence of excessive amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees assimilate large quantities of carbon dioxide and exchange it with fresh oxygen.

The envelopes used by InPost are the symbol of a concern about reduction in the amount of biodegradable waste disposed to landfill. It also means the implementation of the EU directive imposed on Poland.

The systemic InPost

As the company concerned for its activity, InPost is capable to define and separate a full range of waste produced by the company itself. There is a system of selective collection of waste being introduced in the company’s facilities.

Using modern technologies for further developing of waste , the company minimize the nuisance of waste for the environment. More and more amounts of waste are transferred to the specialized management of waste, as a secondary raw materials. Many of them are re-used after appropriate processing.

It is fair to conclude that InPost uses the envelopes produced from its own waste-paper!

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