Paczkomaty InPost

What is Paczkomaty InPost service?

Paczkomaty InPost is a system of mail boxes, used in a similar fashion to ATMs, where one can collect parcels at one's convenience,twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

When you purchase something on the Internet, after oredering a parcel into a Paczkomat InPost machine you will receive an email and a text message with a special code. In order to collect a parcel, you need to type your mobile phone number and a code you have received via an email or a text message into Paczkomaty InPost control panel, and the box with your parcel will open.

You can collect the shopping you have done online 24/7 with no queues, in a convenient time and location.

Features of Paczkomaty InPost:

  • convenient collection of parcels without queues, unnecessary documents such as an advice notice or a personal ID,
  • availability, being independent from a courier, or a customer service point, you decide when and where to collect your parcel,
  • your parcel is delivered to Paczkomat InPost in at most two working days,
  • email and text message notification about the parcel to collect at Paczkomaty InPost,
  • attractive prices starting as low as 6.99 PLN,
  • constant surveillance via security cameras guarantees safety of parcals in Paczkomaty InPost.

Paczkomaty InPost is an innovative solution that brings benefits to both clients and online stores. The new service guarantees the online stores a fast, convenient and affordable collection of parcels so that their clients can get full satisfaction from their shopping.

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